Flash Drive In A Bottle

by Intrepid Travelers

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All music and lyrics composed by Intrepid Travelers
Produced by Jon Mix and Intrepid Travelers
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jon Mix at Mason Hall Studio A, Fredonia, NY
Album Artwork by David Neimanis


released February 23, 2015


all rights reserved


Track Name: Grasso Bay
From the Grasso Bay, lay a goodbye man
Can a dancer change our ways? We're floating in space...
Such a wondrous wave, crash upon the coast
Washing thoughts away as boats swim in, to shore
Have you ever traveled onto the places unexplored, my dear?

You've been hanging by a thread,
I just don't know what there's left unsaid
Like a burning piece of ice,
Conformities and energy will share your doubt

I say 'I don't mind, everything will be alright,
If you get the feeling you'll crash on down,
Take another pull as you come around
And if you got me blindside everyday,
then I will hold on down.'

Now, can you figure out?
Time will tell its test through narrow grounds,
The licorice weather puts us all on the way
The seasons change, the pines remain, and tastes do sound

I say 'I don't mind, everything will be alright,
If you get the feeling you'll crash on down,
Take another pull as you come around
And if you got me blindside everyday,
then I will hold on down.'

I risked my rivers to float away, I really wasn't sure
And then I put my feet in front of me, and realized I must adjourn
Cause every whisper and every cry, and every time you call my name
Well I'll be floating deep inside, I must oblige, I must oblige...

Find my way back home, home is where I belong
For where it is, I don't know
oh, it really doesn't matter

Come and teach me where's the time,
It really doesn't matter...
Track Name: Randoh's Island
Randoh’s Island

A place with colored trees and creatures from the sky and sea
What waits for me?
So many moons, to reach this lagoon, and tireless days
What is this place?
Washed up on shore, a path leads to more, but what could it be
Behind those trees
They peer through the night, I stand in their sight, eyes like the sun
But should I run?
I don’t feel afraid, the ground starts to shake, and pulls me below

The walls echo the crashes of waterfalls
The Randohs sing with the waves
Diving down, the deeper the water glows
And floating home never seemed so hard

Up for air, surrounded by all their stares
A turtle hands me a fruit from the colored trees

“Take this hungry traveler have more if you please
And follow me up to the skies
There’s so much around you that needs to be seen
So fly with me, let’s feast our eyes”

Feast yo eyes on!

Randho’s Island

I landed on a sandy peak, a mountaintop more like a beach
He pointed me
To a city far in the night, with lights burning bright
Where does this lead?
He’s telling me go, time to be on my own and visit Shrymphat
The skyline glows
With balls made of flames falling like rain, but causing no pain
The color fades
To black and white, the fires ignite hidden hues from within
My stripes remain
A crowd surrounding me asks if I’d touch a barren tree
From trunk to leaf, the colors seep and are taken from me

I had to escape Shrymphat
They were draining the colors right off of my back
I took to the skies and I flew
To the only place I knew
The blue lagoon

Back by the waterfalls
The turtle tells me I must gather them all
And touch everything in sight
To color Shrymphat and fight
The black and white

“Jerry can’t you see how you helped that tree
And brought the color back to life?
It was absent for some time
This is why you’re here
And why your ship was drawn so near
Your stripes hold in them contagious glee
We’re all Randohs and Randohs will be”

Listen to me Randohs, we’re not strong alone
One Randoh can’t color the world
But with all our shades we won’t be afraid
To restore how this land was before

Been waiting so long
Been waiting so long to bring the color back

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